Davis Karate Academy 
(Seito Shito-ryu Karate Association)

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Senior Class - Shitoryu Black Belt Programme (12 yrs old and over)

You can enrol anytime.

 Just come and try two free lessons. (Mon & Fri 5-6pm and 6:15-7:15 pm)

How often are grading examinations held?

Grading examinations are held 3 times in a year. You require a minimum of 16 attendances (full participation) to be eligible to grade. If you are absent for your grading you will need to wait for the next scheduled grading. You will receive a certificate for each kyu from the head of New Zealand Shito-ryu karate association.


What are the grading requirements?

The grading requirements are practised during class. Step-by-step requirements were designed for each grade. You need to perform every requirement to sit for a black belt grading.

If you are the member, please request the 'grading sheet' by email ([email protected]).

What happens after you reach a black belt?

The 1st dan black belt is the beginning of your karate life. You need passion, loyalty, contribution and humility to keep practising karate in the 'karate way' as martial arts. Although there are ten levels (dan) of black belt (1st - 10th dan), you cannot compare your 'dan' with someone in other style/group. It is a matter of how much you love to learn the depth of karate. If you practise Shito-ryu karate continuously, you get graded by masters (Shihan) of Japan Shito-ryu Karate-do Kai (association) with the recommendation of the head of New Zealand Shito-ryu Karate Association.

All certificates from SHODAN (1st dan) and above are awarded from Japan with the Grandmaster's signature and seal.