Davis Karate Academy 
(Seito Shito-ryu Karate Association)

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Kata (Form)

Seito Shito-ryu Official Kata List


Are you a member of Davis Karate?

If you like to practise katas at home, kata videos (slow practice version) are available on YouTube.

Email to [email protected] to receive a link on YouTube. Videos are not available in public by search.

Please specify the name of kata in the email with your full name and your grade (belt colour).

Kata videos will help you to review what you learn in the class and learn new katas for your next grading.

You need to clarify techniques, directions, speed, timing, breathing, and applications in the class.


Itosu Kata 糸州型

Pinan Shodan 平安初段

Pinan Nidan 平安弐段

Pinan Sandan 平安三段

Pinan Yondan 平安四段

Pinan Godan 平安五段

Juroku 十六

Matsukaze 松風

Jitte 十手

Jion 慈音

Jiin 慈允

Rohai 鷲牌

Bassai Dai 抜砦大

Bassai Sho 抜砦小

Kosokun Dai 公相君大

Kosokun Sho 公相君小

Shiho Kosokun 四方公相君

Chinte 鎮定

Chinto 鎮東

Wanshu 腕秀

Kenshu 拳秀

Myojo 明浄

Aoyagi 青柳

Gojushiho 五十四歩

Kenpaku 拳伯

Higaonna Kata 東恩納型

Sanchin 三戦

Shinsei 新生

Kensho 拳掌

Tensho 転掌

Sochin 壮鎮

Shisochin 士壮鎮

Seienchin 征遠鎮

Happo Sho 八方掌

Shinpa 新破

Saifa 最破

Kururunha 来留々破

Seisan 十三

Seipai 十八

Niseishi 二十四

Sanseiru 三十六

Unshu 雲手

Nipaipo 二八歩

Ippyakureihachi 壱百零八

If you search 'Shito-Ryu Kata' on YouTube, you will find "Shito-kai kata" rather than "Seito Shito-ryu kata".

Note: Our Shito-ryu is 'Seito Shito-ryu', the style that founded by Shito-ryu founder, Kenwa Mabuni, and succeeded by his son, Kenzo Mabuni. Please do not learn details from other 'Shito-ryu' kata videos as they are most likely different.