Davis Karate Academy 
(Seito Shito-ryu Karate Association)

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Junior Black Belt Programme (6-11 yrs old)

You can enrol anytime.

Just come and try two free introductory lessons. (Mon & Fri 5-6pm and 6:15-7:15 pm)



Designed for children to develop a solid karate foundation (concentration, co-ordination, fitness etc.).

Grading system (6 colour belts and black belt)


Grading examinations are held at the end of school term.

A student requires a minimum of 7-8 lessons (75%) to be eligible to sit a grading examination.

The grading requirements - Please email to us ([email protected]) for the grading requirement sheet.

The grading requirements are practised during class. You can ask for the grading requirement list (yellow sheet) if you have not received yet. 'Knowing' the requirements alone is not enough, the student must perform them with full power, correct technique and skill.

"Davis Karate Junior Black Belt Programme" motivates children to become black belts.

Davis Karate Junior black belt programme has developed for children who can master most techniques as adult black belts.
Some children can learn and perform correct techniques as good as some adults. They deserve to have black belts.
Junior black belt holders focus on sparring and kata application towards official Shito-ryu 1st dan certificates.

What happens to a student when he/she turns 12 years old?

The student starts training in the adult class and gets graded in the adult grading system while they keep their junior belts.