Davis Karate Academy 
(New Zealand Shito-ryu Karate)

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Welcome to Davis Karate Academy Homepage

2015 10th Shito-ryu International Championship in San Francisco


Davis Karate NZ team brought 31 medals back home.

Davis Karate Academy

New Zealand Shito-ryu Karate Headquarters


Junior Karate (5-11 years old): Thursday 6-7pm

Senior Karate (12 yrs old and above): Monday and Thursday 7-8pm

Just turn up at St. John Church Hall: 13 Camden St, Feilding for two free lessons.

6 months membership (no free uniform) or 12 months membership with FREE karate uniform

Opportunity to travel to Japan, USA etc. for training and competing at tournaments.


Contact: Miho Davis (chief instructor)
[email protected]
027 7777 031/ 06 323 0436

NEWS - The 11th International Shito-ryu Karate-Do Championship will be held in Osaka, Japan, in July 2017.

The New Zealand team of 20 members are participating at the event.